Review: Captain Earth, Episode 1


Captain Earth is an original concept by Studio Bones. The story focuses on Daichi Manatsu, a boy who apparently lost his dad in a space accident. It turns out that Daichi’s dad was a “captain”, though what exactly that means has yet to be revealed. In some ways, this is a stereotypical giant robot show, at least by my limited understanding of the genre. Daichi ends up stumbling upon a giant robot, which he is ultimately put in charge of piloting, and which he is somehow able to pilot with seemingly little trouble despite an obvious lack of exposure to such a thing. A long robot transformation sequence is even included. On the other hand, the series seems to be devoid of some of the usual protagonist traps. Daichi doesn’t seem to have a stellar life, but at the same time he doesn’t seem to be depressed, a la Shinji. He doesn’t particularly give off the air of someone who just wants to escape the trappings of everyday life, either. If anything, he seems like a bored high school kid.

The first episode also creates more questions than it answers. We are introduced to two people that Daichi met as a kid–a boy named Teppei with some mysterious ability and an unnamed girl–who we know very little about as of now. We also don’t get much of an introduction to the bad guys, either, although I do know that there are plot summaries out there. I wouldn’t say that any of this detracts from the show, but rather that it gives us a reason to come back, at least for now. There are some issues with fanservice, which I’ll discuss below, but this certainly isn’t the most unsafe show for Christians out there. I’ll be coming back for the next episode.

A Christian Perspective:

The worst thing in this episode is some fanservice. There is some non-explicit nudity in the form of a young girl floating in a giant bubble. You don’t actually see anything but the side of her butt at one point, although it’s pretty clear that she’s naked. There is another female character dressed in a skimpy outfit–a bikini top-esque top and short shorts. This, of course, means cleavage, and her shorts also seem to show a bit of her butt crack. Later, this same character is shown in what looks to be a very tight, form fitting outfit. While in this outfit, she is shown in a sort of bent over pose at one point. It certainly isn’t the worst fanservice out there, but it’s still there, so if you choose to watch this show, then be prepared for this content. Outside of that, there is a bit of mild violence, although I expect there to be more violence in the coming episodes. It’s a giant robot series, after all.

Content Guide:

Language: None

Alcohol/Drug Use: None

Nudity/Sex/Fanservice: There is a brief flash of what appears to be a naked girl curled up holding something (you couldn’t see anything explicit from what I could tell); a female character is dressed in a skimpy top and low riding shorts, which equates to cleavage as well as what appears to be some exposed butt crack; naked girl floating in a giant sphere (same as the flashed image before)–again, you can’t see anything explicit, except for the side of her butt at one point; a woman is shown in a very form fitting outfit; the woman in the form fitting outfit is shown from behind in a sort of bent-over pose

Violence: A space capsule (?) explodes; missiles are shot, and they explode; the next episode preview shows a robot being hit with energy blasts

Blood/Gore: None

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