Review: Engaged to the Unidentified, Episode 12: You Understand? I Understand


Wow, an episode of Engaged to the Unidentified that (almost) went by without Benio being creepy? On top of that, she was actually supportive in a normal big sister way for once. That said, this was kind of a lackluster finale. The “dramatic” moments of it–such as Kobeni being lost and exposing her fear of being left alone–would probably have had more impact had they been teased out throughout the series. As far as I can remember, we’ve never had anything to suggest Kobeni’s fear of being left alone, and her adventure to the mountains begins and ends in this episode. It’s kind of hard to build a bunch of tension for a situation that doesn’t even happen until partway through the episode, especially when you know the situation will resolve by the episode’s end; after all, it is the final episode.

All that said, I still enjoyed it. I really don’t know what it is about this show that I like. I mean, Benio is creepy, and overall there really isn’t anything “special” about this series. At the same time, it succeeded at being cute, especially when Kobeni and Hakuya started to get closer to each other. It was particularly cute to see how Kobeni was able to read Hakuya’s moods when no one else could tell the difference. Maybe it was the characters who made this series something worth watching. Whatever the case, it certainly wasn’t a terrible finale, and despite the more serious bent of the plot line, we still end with a more comedic, light-hearted tone.

I will give the writers credit for the fact that they seem to have brought things full-circle. The events of the past that have seemed to weigh heavy on Kobeni are, essentially, repeated here, except this time with better results. Granted, none of this would have happened had Kobeni stayed put, but I am just drawing a conclusion. It may not be what the writers intended at all.

A Christian Perspective:

There is a flashback in the closing credits to an episode where Kobeni was floating naked (I think it was a dream or something), but her body is pretty much shadowed, so you don’t really see anything. There are also a couple scenes with blood (nothing serious), and Benio makes some weird comments. Mashiro also pretends to fly on a broom like a witch, in case depictions like that are offensive to you. If not, then it’s actually a pretty cute scene.

Content Guide:

Language: None

Alcohol/Drug Use: None

Nudity/Sex/Fanservice: The flashbacks during the end credits show a scene where Kobeni is naked and floating (I don’t remember which episode it’s from, but just like in that episode you can’t actually see anything inappropriate due to the shadowing or whatever)

Violence: None

Blood/Gore: A character is shown with blood running from her mouth; the ending review shots/flashbacks show a character with blood squirting from her mouth

Other: Benio makes a comment to Kobeni and Mashiro about “keeping each other warm”; Benio is commenting about a little sister swim meet; Benio geeks out over seeing Mashiro act like she’s flying on a brook like a witch; other random Benio stuff

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