Review: Love, Chunibyo, and Other Delusions! REN, Episode 10: Gauntlet of Rain [or] A Midsummer Night’s… Rain and Whips


Here comes the drama! Last week’s episode started the drama of Shichimiya realizing her feelings for Yuta, and this week continues that plot thread, full blown. Of course, the episode still has some of its own funny moments, such as when Dekomori get a surprise attack in on Nibutani. Shichimiya’s emotional torment is definitely the crux of the episode’s focus, though, and to some degree you have to feel sorry for her. I mean, sure, she made her own decisions and denied her own feelings for the sake of living in a delusion, but still…

Honestly, I expected the episode to end with Rika discovering Yuta and Shichimiya talking, misunderstanding the situation, and ultimately causing drama. The fact that the episode didn’t end that way was a surprise for me, though. Of course, in all of this, poor Yuta is completely lost. It seems everyone else knows about Shichimiya’s feelings except for Yuta and Rika, the two other people who actually stand to be affected by those feelings. There are certainly some issues with this episode, as seen in the Christian Perspective, but the dramatic relationship side of things remains interesting.

I’d like to actually see some kind of deeper insight into these delusions. Do these characters truly believe they are “wicked lords” and “magical devil girls”, or are they aware that these are simply delusions that they are escaping into? Even Yuta mentions something to the effect of he stopped believing in his own powers, which seems to counteract my thought that he outgrew his delusions. Or maybe that’s what he was saying, just in a more cryptic way. Will we ever find out? Maybe, maybe not.

A Christian Perspective:

Well, early on the episode has a pool scene, so we see Rika, Shichimiya, and a host of background characters in bikinis. The little girl from last episode also shows up in a one piece, but there’s nothing particularly fanservicey about her, although at one point she does latch on to Rika and starts doing something that causes Rika to comment, “Not there.” Shichimiya’s bikini strap starts to fall off her shoulder at one point, the in-between shots show Shichimiya and Rika in their bikinis, and Rika is shown to have her umbrella strapped to her thigh. I realize that this is relatively mild in regards to fanservice, but just because one person doesn’t stumble over something doesn’t mean another won’t.

More concerning for me was Shichimiya’s “prayer” at one point. She says things like, “In the Devil’s name” and “In the profane name of the Angel Lucifer”. In a previous episode she declared something “in Satan’s name”. I don’t know if this all has something to do with her being a “magical devil girl”, but should we really be comfortable with a character exalting the name of the enemy of our souls, even if it is in a fictitious setting born of a delusion? It raises the question of how much we should, or perhaps can, tolerate before we start becoming desensitized to it.

Beyond that was some light violence, mainly in playful ways.

Content Guide:

Language: None, unless we count euphemisms

Alcohol/Drug Use: None

Nudity/Sex/Fanservice: Rika in a bikini; female characters in the background in bikinis; Cento is holding onto Rika, doing something, and Rika comments, “Not there”; Shichimiya in a bikini; Shichimiya’s bikini strap starts to slide off her shoulder; Dekomori is wearing a tube top; the in-between shots are of Shichimiya and Rika in their bikinis; Rika throws her kimono open to reveal her umbrella strapped to her thigh

Violence: A character is flicked in the forehead; two characters have a water balloon fight; two characters are hit in the head off screen, although we see lumps on their heads afterwards; a character is grinding his fists into another character’s head; a character grinds the handle of an umbrella into another character’s head

Blood/Gore: None

Other: Shichimiya is “praying”, and says things like, “in the Devil’s name” and “In the profane name of the Angel Lucifer”

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