Review: Golden Time, Episode 22: Paradise Lost


Well… last week’s episode preview trolled me! I thought for sure the cliffhanger was spoiled by a scene in that preview, and then this episode actually came along and told me I was wrong. No, it didn’t just tell me I was wrong, it shoved my face in it, rolled it around a bit, and then held it there for a whole…. twenty-two minutes? Okay, maybe not that long since it wasn’t until later into the episode that I found out I was wrong. Anyway….

This is one of those times where it would probably be easier to review this episode in light of the whole plot. Right now, I’m left wondering, “Why?” in relation to a lot of things, and one thing in particular. Without seeing how the whole thing will play out, I can’t really comment on whether the current events make any sense, whether they were necessary, or whether they were well done. Of course, the benefit is that it leaves me in suspense, and will ultimately leave me with something to look back on once I know the whole story.

Honestly, I can’t think of a bad thing to say about this episode. After Koko’s decision last week, it seems that everything finally falls apart. Maybe all of these relationships equaled little more than a house of cards. It wouldn’t necessarily be hard to believe when you consider that Banri was keeping his illness a secret along with his past. Things certainly didn’t get any easier with time, at least. He befriended Yana, who fell in love with Linda, whom Banri had (and possibly still harbors) feelings for, while Linda harbors unrequited and unadmitted love for Banri (my guess). This already put strain on Banri and Koko’s relationship, and we have yet to see what the revelation will do to his and Yana’s relationship. Ironically, this whole thing seems to be bringing him closer to Chinami, if even just a bit, despite the previous “argument” between them. Of course, as we now know, that was Chinami’s fault, so maybe that wound was already healed anyway.

The episode’s kind of abrupt ending will probably leave you wanting more, but of course we must wait until next week. Let’s look forward to seeing where it goes!

A Christian Perspective:

The worst thing that happens in this episode is that two characters get into a pretty serious fight, although even then they don’t really seem to be intent on hurting each other. There are some other mildly violent scenes, such as a character being put in a headlock. Beyond that is one instance of slight fanservice, where Koko is shown wearing a shirt that shows some cleavage. There are also two instances of language.

Content Guide:

Language: 2 “h**l”

Alochol/Drug Use: None

Nudity/Sex/Fanservice: In the in-between shot, Koko is wearing a top that shows some cleavage

Violence: A character is put in a headlock; a character is grabbed by the front of his shirt; a character is shoved; a character is grabbed by the sides of his shirt; a character’s hands are slapped away; two characters shove each other, and one grabs the other’s hair; a character knocks another to the ground and begins beating him, although it doesn’t appear to be hard

Blood/Gore: None

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