Review: Engaged to the Unidentified, Episode 10: I Looked Up The Term “Time Of Dere”


Is it wrong that I find yandere Benio to actually be less creepy than “normal” Benio? Well, anyway, we get a mix of the two in this episode, and I really don’t know which side is exposed more. Hopefully we’ll eventually see Benio actually become normal, but somehow I doubt that. Poor Mashiro will probably just end up bearing the brunt of Benio’s attention.

Moving past that, though, there were some pretty good moments in this episode. One of the best (and cutest) was probably Hakuya’s devotion to finding a gift that he could match with Kobeni. It’s nice to see him becoming more “expressive”, or at least getting more screen time. I wonder what this series would be like if it was actually shown through Hakuya’s eyes. At any rate, his scenes still end up being amusing, such as one scene where he refers to Kobeni as “mai waifu”. Hakuya is not the character you would expect that to come from, so it was extra funny (even if it only came from him searching the internet).

On top of that was the scene with what I’ll call “Kobeni’s stare of doom”. I can’t recall seeing Kobeni getting angry in this series, but this episode certainly got close to it, at least. It was definitely enough to scare Benio and Mashiro… maybe that will teach them to spy on the odd couple. Honestly, Kobeni and Hakuya’s relationship really ends up being the most entertaining part of this series, and maybe that’s because it’s not the only focus. Instead of the whole show being focused on their progress, it’s broken up between characters, with sections focused on Suetsugi and Niko, not to mention other characters. I don’t think this series will be worthy of any “season’s best” titles, but the parts of it that I enjoy I really enjoy. It probably would have been better without Benio, or at least without her tendencies. A simple over-protective sister would have worked just as well.

A Christian Perspective:

Leaving aside Benio—because by now we know she’s creepy by Christian, and really any, standards—there are only a few things to be concerned about. In terms of fanservice, there really isn’t any, although there are some weird camera angles. One shot, for example, is focused on Benio’s butt, although she’s wearing a skirt, so you don’t actually see any of her butt or anything fanservicey. Another scene is focused on Suetsugi’s thighs. Again, you don’t see anything fanservicey, but it’s a weird angle. Outside of that, there is one mildly violent scene (a character slams into another) and a few instances where a character has blood coming from her mouth.

Content Guide:

Language: None

Alcohol/Drug Use: None

Nudity/Sex/Fanservice: There is a scene where the camera is focused on Benio’s butt–she’s wearing a skirt, and there’s nothing particularly sexual about the shot (as in, you don’t actually see her butt or anything), but know that it happens; another weird camera angle where the camera is focused on Suetsugi’s thighs (again, nothing that’s actually sexual is shown); an extended shot of Kobeni nervously shaking her hips while she talks (the camera is far back and not zoomed up on her, but it feels like they keep that shot up for a while)

Violence: A character slams into another character

Blood/Gore: A character has blood running out of her mouth (I think the same character also had a bit of blood spray from her mouth directly before this scene; the same character also has a line of blood running down the corner of her mouth later on, too

Other: A character imagines some sort of energy manifesting around her hand

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