Review: Love, Chunibyo, and Other Delusions! REN, Episode 9: Resort – Last Resort


Oh, of course we couldn’t get through a season without a beach episode, so prepare for bikinis and cleavage. That said, at least this episode actually had a plot. In the beginning, it does play more like a typical, “Oh, we’re going to the beach and doing a random side job” episode, but it ends up actually having a point. At least it makes the episode more than just mere fanservice, although with the majority of screen time spent at the beach there are bikinis a-plenty.

The way this episode went, though, seems to destroy my previous line of thinking. Originally, I thought the point would be that Rika would be cured of her chunibyo by her relationship with Yuta. After the way this episode resolved, though, that may not be the case. In any event, the episode resolves by creating another point of drama, which, I suppose, will begin to play out next episode.

A Christian Perspective:

Plot or not, this episode is chock full of fanservice. To be honest, though, it doesn’t feel like they play it up, i.e., it didn’t really seem like they went out of their way to sexualize the fact that the female characters were in bikinis. Regardless, though, there were female characters in bikinis, and there was lots of cleavage. To make matters worse, there are times where the camera is basically zoomed in so what we see is a bust shot (chest on up) of the female characters, which places the subtitles more or less across their breasts, which makes averting your eyes from the cleavage very difficult. There are some other camera shots to be aware of, as well, which can be seen in the Content Guide. Outside of that, there was one instance of harsh language and some violence, both real and imagined.

Content Guide:

Language: 1 “h**l”

Alcohol/Drug Use: None

Nudity/Sex/Fanservice: Beach episode, so you know the trappings: girls in bikinis and cleavage, both within the main cast and random extras; several times, the camera presents us with a bust shot, which places the subtitles right across the female characters’ breasts; woman in a bikini in the second in-between still photo; there are some iffy camera angles, too–at one point, Deko is doing a sort of dramatic pose thing, and the camera briefly focuses on her bathing suit-clad butt; another time, Deko is preparing to jump, and the camera zooms in on her from behind (thus, again, camera on her butt, though I think the intention was probably more to focus on the fact that she was about to jump); as she’s attacking, the camera sort of pans up her body (again, not really anything sexual, per se, but just know it’s there); there is a scene where a female character is “powering up”, so to speak, and the camera focuses on her lower region briefly, and also on her chest briefly (she’s wearing a bikini); in another scene, a bikini-clad girl is rubbing her chest over her heart, which means a close up of cleavage

Violence: A character is hit in the head with a ladle; a character is hit over the head with a wooden sword… twice; a character is hit on the head with a ladle; two characters are fighting

Blood/Gore: None

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