Review: Nobunagun, Episode 10: Dogoo


Well, this episode proved to be a good effort at teasing the audience. In truth, I had forgotten about the end of last week’s episode, which was probably a good thing, as that plot line doesn’t pick back up until somewhere near the middle of the episode. The first portion instead devotes itself to the Commander’s past, how she met Kyubey’s bulked up cousin and Saint Germain, and how she actually became the Commander. I don’t really feel like it added anything significant to the plot, and it very well may have been little more than filler, but it was interesting enough to not be boring.

When we pick back up with the present time and our main cast, we first get to see what’s happening between Jack and Sio. Elsewhere, we see characters observing the battleship class EIO while others strategize how to go about defeating it. Without spoiling anything, the episode kind of continues in this vein, becoming more intense as more realizations are made and as strategies are planned. The climax of the episode comes when everyone is in position, the plan is just commenced, and then it ends. That’s right. You’ll have to wait until next week to see this operation put into play. As frustrating as it is, I think it was well done. It built up the tension and prepared the viewer for the upcoming battle, leaving us eager for the next episode.

With the way things are going, I’m going to estimate twelve or thirteen episodes for this one. If this has been confirmed elsewhere, then feel free to ignore me. The current mission seems to be building towards a climax, and I’m not sure where they could go from here, especially if they manage to wipe out what appears to be the nest of original cells. I could be proven wrong, though.

A Christian Perspective:

In comparison to previous episodes, the content isn’t as bad this time around, but there are issues to be concerned with. A young female character is shown nude three times, although the degree of depiction never gets worse than, say, a Sailor Moon transformation scene (except without the sparkly lights). There are some violent depictions too, although that’s definitely nothing new for this show, and there are a few scenes with blood. Cursing is present this time, too, but not nearly as much as it has been before. There are some supernatural elements to this episode, too. At one point, a character cries, and her tears land on some kind of talisman that she’s holding, which causes another character to appear. Also, a different character seems to be immortal (and may very well be within the show, if he’s based off of the historical figure that some Crunchyroll users seem to think he is).

As for lessons a Christian could take from this episode: One character seems to get a burst of inspiration after tapping into the e-gene inside of them. Much like these characters possess the genes (and maybe the souls?) of deceased historical figures, so Christians possess the Holy Spirit. Of course, the Holy Spirit is obviously greater than any human being, but the purpose wasn’t to compare the two, but simply to say that as this character listened or tapped into or otherwise interacted with the e-gene inside themself, so Christians should be listening and responding to the Holy Spirit. Much like this character was inspired by the e-gene, so should we be inspired by the Holy Spirit. “But the Advocate, the Holy Spirit, whom the Father will send in my name, will teach you all things and will remind you of everything I have said to you.” (John 14:26, NIV)

Content Guide:

Language: 1 “p***es”, 1 “s**t”, 1 “h**l”

Alcohol/Drug Use: None

Nudity/Sex/Fanservice: A young female character is shown naked, though in a non-descript manner, three times, and her second and third appearances are a little more descript

Violence: Scenes of samurai fighting and archers firing arrows; someone is impaled; a village is destroyed; cannon fire; a pile of dead bodies; a container bounces off a character’s head

Blood/Gore: Blood spray can be seen coming from a character who is impaled with a sword; blood is shown running along the ground

Other: A village is shown littered with dead bodies; a character’s tears land on some charm-looking things, which seems to summon another being; some possible supernatural elements in regards to one character’s seemingly endless life

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