Review: Nobunagun, Episode 9: Sio and Kaoru


Okay, so this episode kind of made up for last week’s abundance of objectionable content. We pick up with the aftermath of last week’s battle, with Sio hospitalized and Dogoo strategizing. As you can probably figure, the battleship class Evolutionary Invasion Object has to be taken out, but the EIOs seem to have figured that out themselves, as they are keeping Dogoos other platoons busy throughout the world. It’s a tense situation, contrasted by… Sio and Asao playing catch up.

Now, that’s not to say it’s boring or ill paced, but just that the moods are a bit contrasting. This, at least, is the case until Asao starts filling Sio (and, by proxy, us viewers) in on what’s been happening in the world since the Objects showed up. People are fleeing and buying out food, with Japan apparently being a refuge. If you bothered to watch last week’s previews, though, then you’ve probably already figured out that this won’t remain the case for long.

In truth, this episode serves to pose more questions than answers. For example: How does a certain character survive what appears to be certain death? How does another character manage to attack? And, what does Jack have that he needs to discuss with Sio? Hopefully next week’s episode will, at least, answer that third question. What this all comes down to is this: I enjoyed this week’s episode.

A Christian Perspective:

Well, there were a couple instances of vulgar language, as well as some violence this time around, although I’m not telling you anything that you haven’t experienced from Nobunagun before. In terms of language, though, it is much more toned down than last week. There is, of course, that usual awkwardness of “what is Sio and Asao’s relationship supposed to be, exactly?”, but that seems to be resolved this episode, with the answer being nothing more than friends. Outside of that, there is the issue of a certain character attempting to communicate with the soul of the figure inside them (I guess that’s kind of like necromancy, although in this case maybe it’s more like finding the power inside you or some anime trope like that), as well as a certain character’s ability to use some form of unexplained energy to attack. In other words, a bit of a supernatural flare to the sci-fi setting, so let that be to you what it will.

In looking at the lessons we can learn this time around: the Japanese apparently weren’t too concerned about the potential of and EIO attack, as seen by one man’s disbelief at another’s claim to have noticed an EIO. That, of course, turns out to be true when Japan finds itself attacked. We, as Christians, can take this as a bit of a warning. In 1 Peter 5:8, the apostle Peter warns his readers to, ” Be alert and of sober mind. Your enemy the devil prowls around like a roaring lion looking for someone to devour.” (NIV) Much like the Japanese let their guard down and were attacked, so we Christians can (and usually, probably do) let our guards down and end up being attacked by the devil. Could Japan have stopped the EIO attack? Well, no, but they could have prepared. This is kind of where the comparison falls apart, because we, as Christians, have what we need to repel the devil, if only we will keep our eyes open. Let’s not get weak, then, and assume that the devil would never attack our little corner of the world, lest we end up like Japan after that EIO attack.

Content Guide:

Language: 1 “d***it”, 1 “s**t”

Alcohol/Drug Use: None

Nudity/Sex/Fanservice: None

Violence: Explosion in the beginning of the episode; a car explodes, and a man presumably dies; an EIO is hit by a car; a man is impaled by an EIO, and his car explodes; an EIO is shot; EIOs are slashed apart

Blood/Gore: None

Other: The usual Sio/Asao awkwardness, but the nature of their relationship seems to finally be clarified; a character calls out to the soul of the person inside of her; a character shoots an energy ball

4 thoughts on “Review: Nobunagun, Episode 9: Sio and Kaoru

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  2. David A

    I’m not watching that series… seriosly, portraying Saint Jean of Arc in that immodest attire? that, besides other problems.


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