Review: Love, Chunibyo, and Other Delusions! REN, Episode 5: The Illusive… Siesta Labyrinth


This one is pretty comical through and through, with Kumin-senpai taking the central role for the most part. If you ever wondered whether an episode about napping could be entertaining, then you’ll find your answer this time around. I have to say, if there’s one thing this show does right, it’s this: the characters are cute. You just can’t help but to enjoy watching them.

The ‘Far Eastern Magic Napping Society in Summer’ is facing disbandment because of their lack of activity. Lo and behold, though, that napping actually counts as an activity! So, in order to prove that their club is “legitimate” they challenge another school’s nap club to a competition. The only problem is that the other club is actually a group of pros at napping, and Rikka opens her mouth, promising disbandment of her own club if they lose the competition. This leaves it up to Kumin-senpai to train this group of nap-rookies on how to nap properly!

Seriously, it is primarily an episode about napping. Kudos have to be given, too, because napping competitions apparently are a real thing, so they didn’t just make this up for the show. Brave, Chunibyo, bravo.

There really isn’t a lot to say here. If you’re looking for a show with cohesive plot and character progression, then you should probably look elsewhere. If you’re looking for an enjoyable viewing experience with amusing, likeable characters, then stick with Chunibyo (although this is season two, so you’re probably already aware of that). My one contention with the show continues to be the use of occult imagery, but at least they show the imagery as an element of imaginary creation, instead of making it seem like it has any real power. I could argue that this is also bad, because it’s de-sensitizing viewers to the use of such imagery, and may make viewers less cautious about being involved with these things in real life, but I’ll leave those opinions up to your personal convictions. Unless something in a show really rubs me raw (for example, if they started sacrificing sheep in a summoning circle to summon demons), I’m probably not going to definitively say, “Don’t watch this show because of this.” I will respect your conscience and say that if you’re unsure of something, pray about it and let God have the say.

A Christian Perspective:

As always, the big issue here is imagery. While it’s not overly prevalent in this episode, there is a female character with a pocket mirror/make up thing with a pentagram on it (it looks upside down, but that may be because she has it open), another character has a crystal ball, and there is also a giant summoning circle on the Napping Society’s floor, which seems to be made out of Christmas lights. Beyond that, Yuta makes a comment about not having a “chance in hell”, and there is magic used in an imaginary battle. If you’ve watched the show up to this point (and most likely if you’ve watched season one), then you probably aren’t bothered by this stuff for one reason or another, but just know it’s there. I would still say approach with caution, and be willing to drop it if God says so.

Beyond that are a few scenes that could be sexually tempting to some viewers. We have female characters shown in gym uniforms (thus, bloomers), school swimsuits, and bikinis. While none of the scenes are sexual in nature (and I don’t believe they were intended to be “fanservice” in and of themselves), I still mention it for anyone who may be sensitive. There is also violence in this episode. It is mostly comical, with a character being hit in the head with a flung rubber band while another is hit in the face with a toy, but there is also an imaginary battle where the characters fight with weapons and magic.

Content Guide:

Language: None

Alcohol/Drug Use: None

Nudity/Sex/Fanservice: Female characters are shown in gym uniforms (bloomers) and school swimsuits (I realize these are fairly typical in anime, and in this case aren’t really used for the explicit purpose of fanservice, but if you’re sensitive to this kind of material then be warned); a still shot is shown with female characters in bikinis

Violence: A character is hit in the head with a flung rubber band; there is a “battle scene” in this episode, where characters fight with physical weapons and magic; a character is hit in the face with some kind of toy

Blood/Gore: None

Other: A girl is shown with a makeup thing with an upside down pentagram on it (although she does have it open, so it may only be upside down because the top is flipped up); another character is shown with a crystal ball; a comment is made about not having a “hope in hell” in regards to winning the napping competition; magic is used in the “battle”; there is a giant summoning circle (pentagram) on the club floor, possibly made with Christmas lights

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