Review: The Pilot’s Love Song, Episode 4: Sea of Stars


Last week’s episode introduced us to Kal’s painful past, and this week’s episode finishes by showing us what his new life as a peasant was like. The whole thing is fairly well balanced, though. We still get plenty of scenes in the present time, where Kal and Claire are adrift at sea while Ariel and the rest of the class wait in anticipation for some news from the search crew. In short, it’s a character-building episode.

Among some of the information disclosed is that Kal had three adopted sisters (and all the men groaned), who is the eldest between Kal and Ariel, and how Kal enjoyed his first bowl of ramen. Okay, so it’s not all sunshine and roses. One scene in particular shows how a young Kal saw a play depicting the overthrow of his parents. It was later that same day, though, that Kal was able to experience flying for the first time.

Seeing the contrast between the two scenes is also interesting. Ariel is concerned and worried for her brother, while Kal seems pretty content at sea. Granted, I’m sure he’d rather not be stranded at sea, but he and Claire certainly seem to be calm for a good portion of their voyage. Claire also uses the opportunity to attempt to change Kal’s perspective on Ariel, which doesn’t seem to fall entirely on deaf ears. The episode’s end also brings a plot twist, though it’s one that I had seen speculated in the Crunchyroll comments.

I believe I previously stated that I expect this show to be a slow build. The action will either be limited, with a greater focus on the characters, or the show will help us to fall in love with the characters before launching them into all-out war, killing off many whom we’ve come to know and love. Those are my predictions, anyway, and I think either would be fine for this show, although the intro definitely gives at least some hints of action to be had. I’d also like to see what, exactly, Ignacio’s loyalties are, especially given his actions early on in this episode.

A Christian Perspective:

Not much to say here. For once, the N/S/F category is entirely for our female viewers! Okay, so it’s nothing too scandalous: just Kal’s bare chest and Kal in his underwear. Beyond that is some mild violence, but not much else to note. Overall a very safe episode in terms of content.

Content Guide:

Language: None

Alcohol/Drug Use: None

Nudity/Sex/Fanservice: Kal is shown topless; Kal’s cover slips off, and we see him in his underwear

Violence: a teacher punches a student in the face; there is a fight between two kids (if it can even be called a fight); a character is hit several times


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