Review: The Pilot’s Love Song, Episode 3: The Wind Revolution


Last week we received a pretty significant revelation about one character’s past, and this week we were able to see exactly how things came to pass. Not right away, of course. Something tells me that this will be one of those series that likes to toy with your emotions, because this particular episode starts out fairly normally: flight training, rivalries, Claire, etc, before launching us into full-on back-story mode at the beginning of the second half. The whole incident is pretty dark, and it certainly serves to show why Kal has such a strong hatred for Nina Viento. Overall, the staff does a good job of presenting the back-story in a way that doesn’t feel rushed, but that also doesn’t take up a huge chunk of time, either. We’re back in the current portion of the story before the episode’s end, with a cliff-hanger to boot.

We also get a brief glimpse at what Ignacio’s connection to Kal is. Of course, it’s extremely brief and doesn’t say much, leaving the actual status of their relationship in question, but at least now we have an idea as to how Ignacio fits into the story. It’s probably safe to assume that this isn’t going to be a series with a neat and tidy ending to each episode, but rather a show with a large plot that will slowly unfold over time. If so, then we can probably expect a lot of unanswered questions (or slowly answered questions) and a lot of cliffhangers.

One thing I would like to touch upon is a conversation that is had between two characters on the topic of forgiveness. A character remarks to another that, “If you forgive, the light will wipe away the darkness.” Obviously, this message is quite in line with Christianity. Jesus goes so far as to say that if we do not forgive, then the Father will not forgive us (Mark 11:26). Forgiveness is a key point in Christianity, so seeing this line in the episode certainly connected.

A Christian Perspective:

Not much to say here. There were a few bad words, and the most bloodless revolution ever. The only violence shown included air ships being shot down, along with explosions. There was a scene with a guillotine, but we don’t actually observe the decapitation, so I wouldn’t really include that as “violent” content. The only person-on-person violence occurs when one character tackles another. Beyond that, there was a scene where a character was controlling the wind, perhaps with magic, though it isn’t really explored.

Content Guide:

Language: 1 “b*st**d”, 1 “wh**e”, 1 “d**n

Alcohol/Drug Use: None

Nudity/Sex/Fanservice: None, outside of the previously mentioned intro scene (I don’t intend to repeat intro/outro material each week, unless the intro/outro changes)

Violence: Explosions, air combat, a character is tackled

Blood/Gore: None

Other: a character appears to use magic

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