Review: Nobunagun, Episode 3: Capa’s Island


High school girl Sio Ogura (or Ogura Sio, for the purists out there) has officially entered her new life as a member of Dogoo, and it doesn’t take long to realize that it isn’t going to be an easy ride. Combat training, physical training, classroom education and, possibly worst, no cell phone or Internet! Sio’s life as a simple high school girl is indeed over, but you probably knew that already.

As a whole, the episode was fairly light-hearted, at least until the end. The labels make their return (a girl who drools, for example), which provides for some amusement, and Sio gets beaned in the head with quite a few pieces of chalk. Possibly the most amusing is when Sio finds out that she basically has a fan club on the base, in the form of an international group of soldiers who appear to have her back at one point in the episode.

We also get to meet a new E-gene holder in this episode – Robert Capa. Wheelchair bound, he is no longer combat capable, but he serves as Sio’s trainer. Maybe it shows my lack of knowledge, but he seems like a fairly insignificant historical character to include (apparently he was a war photographer, according to Nobunagun), when you consider the historical figures we’ve met previously. Whatever the reasoning, he is shown to be rough, gruff, and a bit of a pervert. I’m sorry, but what is it with anime and making the old trainers perverts? Master Roshi, anyone? Granted, Capa isn’t nearly as bad (it’s at least not the focal point of his character), but there was some stuff in the episode that, frankly, didn’t need to be in the episode. I think the justification was to make Sio mad enough to concentrate, or something like that, but they could have done it in a classier way, and by that I mean no fanservice.

If the content of this episode isn’t up to your liking, don’t worry–it seems we’ll be returning to the action next week. Maybe we’ll get to see if any of Sio’s training actually paid off. Capa’s perversion aside, I found this episode to be pretty enjoyable and amusing.

A Christian Perspective:

In case you haven’t figured it out, I am not a fan of fanservice. At all. As such, my biggest complaint with this episode was when Capa took one of the Sio clones and began to unzip her top. The animators even felt the need to expose a portion of her breasts. It’s nothing more explicit than you’d see on a Barbie doll, but it was still uncalled for and unnecessary. If you want to skip it/look away/cover the screen/whatever other approach you may prefer, this part occurs roughly between 17:40-17:50. Beyond that, the soldiers that Sio befriends are also shown to have pictures of Sio (or rather, her clones) in various bathing suits, some of which are rather skimpy (again, courtesy of Capa). We won’t even discuss how creepy it is that grown men are ecstatic to have pictures of a high school girl in bathing suits. Thankfully it’s a very small portion of the overall episode, so it doesn’t ruin the whole thing, but it is certainly a point of annoyance. I don’t see any point in fanservice at all, and especially in a show like this.

Other than that, there is some language in this episode. Sio goes on a tirade at one point (see the first note under language), and some other words are used. Also, there is a use of Jesus’ name in vain (I’ve been told that j**z is basically a form of taking Jesus’ name in vain). It probably goes without saying that there is, of course, violence in this episode, though maybe not quite as much as in previous episodes.

Content Guide:

Language: at least 7 “d***it”, 1 “p***ed”, 1 “j**z”, 1 “bada**es”

Alcohol/Drug Use: None

Nudity/Sex/Fanservice: In order to anger/motivate/whatever Sio, Capa takes one of the clones and starts to unzip her top, exposing part of her breasts (about 17:40-17:50); the soldiers have pictures of Sio in various types of bathing suits, some of which are extremely skimpy

Violence: Fairly early into the episode, a fight is shown with EIOs; a character is impaled; a man is slapped; a character is hit in the head with a piece of chalk – multiple times; a monster is shot; a character is shot (no wounds, though); lots of gunfire; a clone is shot and destroyed

Blood/Gore: Blood appears to be shown when a character is impaled

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