Review: The Pilot’s Love Song, Episode 1: Island of New Journeys


Welcome to The Pilot’s Love Song, a show about–well, actually, I don’t exactly know what the plot is. What I do know is that the show centers around Kal-El Albus and, to a lesser degree, his sister Ariel, who have joined the Cadoques High school as part of Aerial Division, Class 1B. While not a whole lot is revealed about the setting of the story, I can tell you that there’s something about a raindrop landing on a flagstone and that flagstone breaking into pieces, as well as a floating island called Isla. Said floating island is the location of the aforementioned school. Okay, so at first glance, this all sounds weird, but honestly the first episode was great, and if nothing else it does a good job of introducing the characters and setting while also stirring some things underneath.

What we do know is that these pilots are on a journey to find the End of the Sky. Why? Well, I’m not sure. Either I missed something, or that’s kind of the whole point of the show. Beyond that, as I said, we get to meet several characters, though most of their roles are yet to be seen. Kal is, certainly, the protagonist of the show, and the unnamed silver-haired boy we meet I suspect to be the future antagonist/rival to Kal. We are also introduced to a female character named Claire Cruz who, judging by this episode and the ending, will probably be Kal’s love interest (and, if theshow follows standard anime logic, also the silver-haired guy’s). Other characters introduced include classmates Noriaka Kashiwabara and Mitsuo Fukuhara, as well as Shizuka Hazome, the dorm manager for Kal’s dorms. We are (briefly) introduced to a character early on whose name is Nina Viento. What her role is, exactly, is unknown, but the sight of her sends Kal into a brief rage.

As for the setting: As previously mentioned, the show looks to take place on a floating (and mobile) island called Isla. There seems to be a division between “noble” students and, well, everyone else. Class 1B, for example, is left off the bus to walk after a point, while the rest of the students remain on the bus. Claire, the girl Kal befriends, also appears to be a noble, as Kal walks her home, but cannot proceed past a point called Hacienda Gate, because it is the entrance to the nobles’ area, and he lacks a pass.

So there you have it. A lot of information, but what to do with it? I suppose you’ll have to come back to find out. Other things I’d like to point out, though, are that the artwork looks great (although I am far from an art critic, so spare me if you disagree), and that this really gave me a ‘Last Exile’ feel at first glance. While the first episode seems to open doors and questions more than anything, it does do a great job of hooking you, and I know I’m certainly looking forward to seeing where it goes. Will you join me?

A Christian Perspective:

As of now, there’s not a whole lot to say here. The biggest issue you may have is the fact that they have created their own creation story for this series. Granted, there’s no indication that this show actually takes place on Earth, so I guess it all depends on your personal approach to fantasy series with made up gods/creations/etc. Beyond that, I do expect there to be action in this show. The opening scene features an aerial battle, so I would expect more of the same to come in eventually. Otherwise, there was only one use of harsh language, and the closest thing to fanservice was the intro, which showed female characters in bathing suits.

Content Guide:

Language: 1 “h**l”

Nudity/Sex/Fanservice: The intro shows several female characters in one-piece bathing suits

Alcohol/Drug Use: None

Violence: The series starts off with a massive aerial fight between planes; combat scenes in the intro

Blood/Gore: None

Other: A story is being told about rain hitting a flagstone and pleading with god (the subtitles put the g as a lowercase), so whether this is supposed to actually be a reference to God or just the idea of “a” god within the story, I don’t know.

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